09/26/2022. for the last couple of years I’ve been writing about my character, and new series. And when I say writing, I mean, applying to different things, mostly residencies, grants, workshops, and proposals in general. (note: when i write in my blog, i feel not pressure, like nonone is watching, and it makes my mind feel fresh) -- and so to that, I want to share my latest, art statement, or who or what this new work is about: (second note: i am also learning not to reveal of my secrets when I write).


Cherry Wood es un carácter ficticio desarrollado alrededor de los temas de trabajo, sexualidad, morbo, genero físico, percepción visual, economía tercermundista, capitalista, y tradiciones familiares.

La ideología del carácter es presentado por medio de acciones del cuerpo, esculturas, sonido, y mas recientemente en texto, con preguntas de selección multiple y palabras con doble sentido. El trabajo en si, presenta situaciones en cual, el carácter accede espacios donde existe el prejuicio, ya sea uno determinado, o asignado con acciones repetitivas, como lavar ropa.

Actualmente Cherry Wood es parte de una series de residencias artísticas por nueve meses que empezaron en la primavera de este año, proyecto fundado por el Council de Arte del Gobierno del Canadá.


Cherry Wood is a fictional character developed around the themes of work, sexuality, morbidity, physical gender, visual perception, third world economy, capitalism, and family traditions.

The character's ideology is presented through body actions, sculptures, sound, and more recently in text, with multiple choice questions and words with double meanings. The work itself presents situations in which the character accesses spaces where prejudice exists, be it a specific one, or assigned with repetitive actions, such as washing clothes or golf swings in the cemetery.

Cherry Wood is currently part of a nine-month series of artist residencies that began in the spring of this year, a project funded by the Government of Canada's Art Council.

09/21/2022. photo entry:

September 02,2022. I am troubled, exaushted, and persueded so easily, that I am beginning to think these are symptoms of capitalism. Capitalism as ilness exist, and like all deseceases, it grows and expands with more microorganism like myselfs feeding it constantly, everyday. I am sure there is a cure, but addictions is tougght, and dependency, no money, debts, sepultation. CONSTANT. RABIA, DECEPTION, DEPENDENCY.

Text entry blog: August 23, 2022. Upcoming residency from the tour titled I pretend to believe at the Walkaway House in North Adams, Mas·sa·chu·setts. @walkawayhouse.
Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

For a long time in my art journey, I wanted to do work about an altruistic cause. I am still totally unsure to this day what that cause was; I just realized that I don’t owe anything to anyone because the root of this feeling came from guilt.


10/13/2022. muchas veces me pregunto, que ando buscando dentro de lo que es mi arte. cual es el proposito que hago lo que hago, y al principio lo hacia para diferenciarme de los demas, pero aun asi, desde pequeño siempre me gusto ser el centro de atención, me gustaba causar risa, hacer trucos, alucinar con atuendos, en pasarelas en la sala de mi casa usando los foquitos de navidad. Sera que lo que hago es para sentir? como me siento? o que quiero sentir? o que quiero que los que me rodean sientan? Compasion, deseo, risa, entendimiento, admiracion, que sera?

10/05/2022. i thought it would make sense to keep the dates in chronologically order on my blog. but the way I’ve been transforming, it doesnt makes sense to me anymore. I find myself day dreaming, now of days. The other day, I was just laying in bed, and then all of the sudden I began to see people around me, flashing lights on walls, and other things. Ok, I forgot to say at the behinning that I am in Oaxaca, I am in Oaxaca.

09/07/22. first try. 120. fim, medium format, 2022. anyway, i always loved film, but when i used it back in 2002, i had not a clear vision of what i was photographing, or why, i mean i liked the subjects i was shooting, but was no so technically known or concept wise. <<<there is a certain freedom i feel to type here in my blog/page/site than i do in social media,>>> <<<< certain freedom i dont have there.

Below is a selected collection of images from the most recent residencies in France and Germany. Included here are Serenatas which are exercises with a ritual intent and are performed in secular spaces, investigating subjects like birth, love, and death. Resident artist at Takt Leipzig, in Leipzig, Germany, and Nérac, France, in a self-guided residency, Spring 2022.