Cherry Wood is an artist and notary public using self-created puns, photography, sculpture, and performance art. Currently, Wood is writing the story of his alter ego using Serenatas (Serenades) as an iterative part of the character. The camera captures both still and video images. The performances are in spaces like motels and the park. The work portrays Wood interacting with models he wraps in Saran wrap and sometimes bags in banana bags, representing a ritual action of love or death posing for the camera.
Wood's work has been exhibited in galleries, in museums, and at performance art festivals, including the Venice International Performance Art Week in Italy, the Detroit Historical Museum, and Canada's Museum London. His work has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Ford Foundation, NALAC, the Ontario Arts Council, and Red Bull Arts.

Cherry Wood lives in a Detroit suburb. His upcoming events in June include a performance piece on the 15th at Mighty Real/Queer Detroit and a 10-day performance workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico, with La Pocha Nostra.

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